One Point Compliance-Your Legal & Regulatory Advisor

As a business entity, you are keen to grow to your fullest potential. But, you have to keep a tab on legal and regulatory changes as well. This is a Herculean task that can be eased by One Point Compliance LLP. We are a niche firm committed to provide innovative ideas and service par excellence to our clients. As is evident in the name, One Point Compliance LLP obeys governing laws while providing quality service.

Within the framework set by regulatory bodies like RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, TRAI, the tribunals and courts, One Point Compliance LLP aims to give you the most practical solutions. We not only help you with legal and regulatory updates, but also in compliance with the same. For this purpose, One Point Compliance LLP brings together professionals with legal expertise and compliance background. Trust our services to increase your goodwill among business community and shareholders alike. Focus on your business and leave your compliance worries to us.

We lend our help

One Point Compliance guides you with the licenses, permits and regulatory requirements for starting a business. We also direct you to the government bodies you have to approach for approval.

As a new entity, your business needs to be registered. One Point Compliance helps you register your business name, trademark and also your details for taxation.

Your intellectual property in the form of patents, copyrights and trademarks have to be protected as people recognize your business through them. One Point Compliance guides you here to avoid duplication and protect your reputation.

Compliance is a goal you aspire to achieve by adhering to relevant laws, policies and regulations. One Point Compliance provides measures you can adopt for compliance and save valuable time.

One Point Compliance Advantage

Certain practices can act as a lighthouse in the working of a business entity. One Point Compliance LLP frames in-house policies and code of conduct for your business.

Based on our experience, we can also guide you in transactions with your clients. Preventive measures always help to avoid legal hassles at a later stage.

In spite of this, you may come across litigations. We can represent you in them, as well as help in resolution of disputes.

In a rare case of non-compliance, you can use the services of One Point Compliance LLP for regulatory proceedings. These can be in the nature of surveillance, settlement, attachment or recovery.

We Make Law Easy

We at One Point Compliance LLP offer customized and expert legal advice. Gone are the days of a separate legal department within the organization. Whether you are a startup, a mid-size company or an MNC, we offer workable solutions for all your legal problems. Why then distract yourself into unnecessary paper work and submissions? One Point Compliance LLP takes care of your collections, certificates and documents while you concentrate on your business with peace of mind. In fact, we shoulder the responsibility of monitoring regulatory compliances. We take care of submitting the right papers to the right authority at the right time. With One Point Compliance LLP by your side, making law easy for you, compliance and competition will be simple to handle. In short, it is a one stop for all your legal and regulatory woes.

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Why Our Clients Recommend Us

  • CLIENT 1
    If starting a startup is your dream, but legal hassles keeps you at bay I definitely recommend Onepointcompliance. The team has the same energy as any young startup.
  • client-3
    Tax filing has been a nuisance for me since the very beginning. It’s very comforting to have the reliable service of Onepointcompliance at such affordable prices. Now I only focus on growing my business and not tax filing.
    Mahesh Raghav
  • client-2
    I am into digital product production and marketing and for me copyright and trademark registration is an often needed service. I am glad to have found Onepointcompliance, as they are hands down the best out there.
    Web Designer